Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you want to know what toothpaste 3 out of 4 dentists REALLY recommend??

When it comes to toothpaste, there is only one thing that dentists look for. What are your guesses? Cleans well – wrong. Whitens, takes off tartar, has fluoride, kills your stinky breath – wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! None of these matter at all… if you won’t use it.

That’s right – the one thing that makes one toothpaste better than another is simply that it makes you want to pick up your toothbrush and brush! You’d be amazed at how many people really don’t brush their teeth. They tell me they brush, but I wasn’t born yesterday! I can tell they did a drive-by brushing right before they came to see me.

So, here’s what 3 out of 4 dentist really look for in a toothpaste – a toothpaste that tastes good, one that makes your teeth feel good when you’re done, and one that makes you want to keep brushing for that never-ending two minutes. Pick your favorite toothpaste. If it makes you want to brush, it is the winner. Anything else is just icing on the cake (or helps you brush off the icing from that cake you ate tonight!)
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Affirmations

Most everyone loves to get motivated and stay positive. Here at Total Care Dental we strive to be that way. In our morning meeting the other day, a couple of the girls showed us the following video. It is so darling we just had to share! Click on the "Daily Affirmations" title above and press play when the video comes up. We are sure it will bring you a smile! Enjoy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our S.O.T.D! (Story of The Day)

We keep having patients tell us we need to somehow document what goes on in our practice cause we have a lot of fun and really neat things happen! So....
First story of the day--Dr. Babcock showed us an amazing video he made for his wife for their ten year anniversary. It was hilarious!! (And sweet too) We had yet to witness his cartwheels and humor in such a light, we loved it! Next time youre in ask to see a little snippet of it!! (Maybe he will let us put some of it on here for you as well)

Yesterday we had the privilege of helping one of our patients get an implant on their very front tooth. He is such a funny and happy guy! He was awake for his procedure and kept telling us stories of his life. At the end of the appointment he said "Im going to tell everyone to come here, soo much better than any dental visit Ive ever had anywhere!"
We feel so honored at his comment we had to share!!! For our patient who said this you know who you are and we appreciate your trust and compliment!! Thanks!
**Check in soon for our next S.O.T.D!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Check out our CHRISTMAS SALE!!!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! We all hope you enjoy this holiday weekend and make the most of it. Once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas comes up fast. We wanted to give you a christmas present as well. We all love to save money, so Dr.'s Jorgensen and Babcock are doing a Christmas sale!!!! A Dentist doing a christmas sale?! Yes.
We get the great opportunity to hear people's dreams and what they would like for themselves. We understand that with budget and fear it can be hard to get what you want. Dr. Jorgensen and Babcock are offering this christmas.....
1: Buy 3 crowns or veneers and get the fourth HALF OFF!!! That's a savings of 500 Dollars at least. (how many do you need or want? Smile in the mirror and count what you see!)
2:Free Cosmetic Consultation. Normally at $100-yours free if you mention the Christmas Smile Sale!
3:Save $100 Dollars on sedation! Go to sleep and wake up with a new smile!

One more thing. This year we wanted to get you involved with us in giving back to the community. Part of you getting what you want this year will help go towards a child's Christmas. The more of you who take advantage of this opportunity, the more children we together will be able to help this year! Feel free to call us with any other questions. 801-756-3737 or go to our website to set up an appointment.

We also want to thank YOU, our patients and great friends! Thank you for being so great and also for allowing us to be a part of your lives and health!

It has been a while!

We Recently mourned the retirement of DR. COLES. We have been so lucky to have him here with us. He is an amazing dentist and an amazing person. We love him and will miss him. We hope he enjoys retirement. Thanks Dr. Coles for everything you have done for us and for all your loving patients!! Dr. Coles loved what he did and so he was not going to let his practice go to just anyone. Out of many who wanted to be here, he hand chose Dr. Babcock. We are so excited to welcome Dr. Babcock and feel as though you will love him too! If it is time for a check up, come in and meet the wonderful Dr. Babcock! See you soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

$50 off any Crown, Veneer, or Durathin!!

Exciting news!! One of our labs just let us know they will be giving us 50 dollars off any crown, veneer, or durathin we do during the month of March. Instead of keeping this for ourselves, we want to pass this savings on to you! Each crown, veneer, or durathin you want or need will have a 50 dollar discount through March. If you would like to make an appointment you can do so on our website or calling our office. Have a great week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Offers right now!

Check out our website for our special offers we have available now!

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